Sourcing Advisory Services

The Sourcing Advisory Services focus on

  • Developing and executing enterprise sourcing strategies which integrate new Sourcing Solutions (Vertical BPO, Shared Services) and new Service Delivery platforms (Cloud Services, SaaS, IaaS), and enable a successful transition to Transformational Outsourcing and Global Business Services 
  • Providing End-to-End Service Management functionality, tools, and processes  across a hybrid, multi-platform enterprise service delivery model which combines the outsourced, retained, cloud, and shared services-based operations
  • Accelerating the adoption of  Vertical BPO and Shared Services, and the transition to Transformational Outsourcing and Global Business Services
  • Developing SLA metrics for business outcome-outsourcing,  integrating new functional towers (mobility services, document and content management, digital services), developing new costing and tier-pricing models     

Scope of Services:

  • Client strategy and execution of Cloud Services (Market Analysis, Vendor Assessment, Bid Management, PMO, Implementation Services, Stand-up Cloud based operations)
  • Vendor strategy for adoption of Cloud Cervices (Portfolio Restructuring, Market strategy, Sales Transformation)
  • Functional and Technical Gap Analysis for Cloud Services, Risk Mitigation strategy, and  End-to-End Service Management in hybrid multi-platform environment
  • Vendor and Client strategy and road map for transition to Transformational Outsourcing and Global Business Services
  • Strategy and execution of Vertical Financial BPO (including transactions processing)
  • Strategy and deployment of Enterprise Shared Services, multi-Client Shared Services
  • Outsourcing Advisory (enterprise sourcing strategy, bid management, restructuring)

What we do

Focus on technology, business, and operational aspects of the Hybrid Service Delivery model, the market impact of Cloud Services on enterprise infrastructure and business services, and the overall market strategy of traditional outsourcing vendors.

  • Help Client organizations move to Transformational Outsourcing, shift focus from Cost to Business Outcome and from Unit Cost to Total Cost, and formulate the “future state” as the basis of outsourcing decision
  • Help Vendor organizations move to Transformational Outsourcing, shift from RFP (Request for Proposal) to RFS (Request for Solution), understand Client business objectives and the real drivers of sourcing decision, adopt outcome-based pricing
  • Help Client organizations manage Hybrid Service Delivery and Multi-Sourcing  arrangements, with consolidated view and transition to Global Business Services
  • Help Vendors build specialized Outsourcing services (mobility, analytics) and transition  ITO and BPO solutions portfolio to Cloud Services, launch Vertical BPO solutions
  • Help Client understand functional gaps between Cloud-based vendor solutions, help Cloud Vendors supplement business operations support and consulting services

Altimus Partners is not a Cloud infrastructure provider. We work with Cloud providers to help our Clients evaluate, select, and implement cloud-based solutions and hybrid service delivery platforms. We distinguish from Cloud Vendor-led service implementations (which are based on proprietary vendor implementations) by focusing on Client operational requirements, adopting an open source multi-Vendor approach, avoiding the risk of proprietary vendor lock-up, identifying functional gaps, and  implementing end-to-end service management across multi-vendor stacks.

We provide Advisory Services (assessment, strategy, execution road map) and Implementation Services (stand-up operations, Program Management, Client Transition) for deployment of Cloud, Shared Services, and Vertical BPO. We also provide Transactional Services (outsourced transactions processing, business process reengineering) for Financial BPO and multi-Client Shared Services.

We manage large outsourcing bid pursuits and complex sourcing decisions, including large multi-tower RFP and RFS (Request for Solution) submissions, and Sole Sourcing strategy. In addition to our own experience in working for and with the six major global outsourcing vendors, and our deep knowledge of the global outsourcing markets, we bring strategic partner relationships with UK-based Outsourcing Advisory specialist (Burnt Oak Partners), South East Asia-based BPO vendor (Shore Solutions), and two Cloud Services vendors.